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Originally Posted by Rison View Post
Hey guys,

Quick question about Operating Systems for folding. Would I be able to run 32 bit WinXP Pro/Home with the Notfred (or whatever the other one is) VM and utilize all 8 cores of an i7?
I'm sure windows reporting on the CPU temp would only be the first processor (#0) - just wondering if I can run a base 32 bit OS (since I have a few legit copies lying around)

That, and I want to put 3x EVGA 260s in it. I'm guessing WinXP would handle that ok?

quick answer. you need 6 gb of memory... the 32 bits will not run it.

your 3 x 260 will give you 24k ppd , if you use smp2 a3 you gone get something like 10k more with a 920 ..but on smp 4 not 8 ( memory limitation ) Martin Metal report he can use a usb stick of 4 gb to add more memory, don't know if it work with XP , and we have not yet see his results
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