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Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
Thanks guys.

Yup - tried with all four CPUs in socket 0, tried with all 8 dimms in each of the four slots for socket 0. Tried two different known working PSUs, both of which have 2 x 8-pin CPU connectors natively, so power should not be an issue.

And yes, I sent a ticket into Tyan the moment I figured something outside of my own ignorance was at fault. I just felt like I wanted to confirm that good board, good PSU, dead everything else should still respond in some manner to the front panel ATX switch being tripped. And no, I don't think have dead everything else - just trying to figure out why the board is behaving in this horribly insolent manner.
Insolent manner indeed! lol... But in all seriousness: From what I've heard from various Supermicro and Tyan sales reps, it seems as if the quad-socket and above boards are always the most likely to develop problems, sometimes resulting boards dying prematurely or just never working at all. The reason I moved Behemoth to the "-SI" it because its a newer revision that hopefully has ironed out these issues, the "-E" is soon to be discontinued, if i'm not mistaken.
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