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Reasonable enough, I suppose. At least it's not some glorified wish list like so much other speculation.

The specs suggest a pair of 8800 GTS 512's stuck together, and the 30% faster than an Ultra suggests that either Nvidia's being conservative with the scaling, or the cards have been downclocked for thermal reasons, just like the 7950GX2 was. Not sure why they'd consider this card a 9-series, though.

I'm not sure that I like it, though. In previous benches with the old G80 cores against the newer G92, the GTX and Ultra's generally pulled ahead in the higher settings, where their memory size and bandwidth gave them the edge. Considering that this card's got twice the horsepower (by the numbers), I wonder if the (effective) 512 MB of memory and the 256-bit memory bus will become a problem?
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