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Originally Posted by Caldezar View Post
I'm pretty sure the rule is that the generation needs to be the same for the cards. (First 2 digits match) So you could XFire a 4850 and a 4870, but not a 4770 and a 5770. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

However you wouldn't want to XFire them even if you could. XFire sets both GPU's to the lowest common denominator. Meaning the higher GPU will clock down to match the lower GPU. That's why you never see matches like a 4890 and a 4850, because the 4890 would get dumbed down to match the lower card... making it better off on it's own.

according to ATI tech support, this isn't true.
When I asked them about this specifically, they told me the only thing that "clocks down" is the amount of memory.
The clocks work the same, but if you mix a 512mb card with a 1 gb card, 512 will sit idle on the 1gb card.
Nothing else is affected.
I've heard otherwise in many many places, but this comes directly from ATI techs.
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