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You want pics...wait when I will be home. since it's a computer forum I can talk about something ... the train are control by onboard CPU and Bios, it control the sound module, the speed, the light , even some kind of dynamic brake . acceleration , deceleration , train load . the signal is send by the main controler unit true the track, we have standard for the decoder in the engine so a locomotive can be use with any control device, usefull when you go visit an other layout. but the decoder are very hard to program with out a PC, the one I use is Digitrax, the linux of the controler, very hard to program but quite more option. even a network protocol. and it's this network that we have hard time to match with our PC, do you know we even have device that give us the exact location on the layout and the engine number , all on our PC screen, transponder we call it, like the airplane the turnout are also control by the PC, or the hand controler. it's a hobby by himsell , we call it DCC, Digital Command Control , and the protocol of my system is loconet.

Look at my friend David layout... it's amazing , not the layout , I do better . I means the electronic. Layout Spotlight
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