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Originally Posted by darksideleader
I wouldn't call this a budget motherboard though...
Good luck finding another sub-100$ board that has just as much overclocking headroom and a BIOS with as many options.

mATX boards shoot for a completly different market, mainly HTPCs or your grandma's computer.

Originally Posted by slugbug
I recently ordered 2 of those boards. One for a budget gaming rig for my nephews friend, and the other for myself.
You won't regret it!

Originally Posted by slugbug
A boards overclocking ability doesn't define the category it belongs in as you can have a $300 motherboard that does not overclock. Its more so all about the price and features.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but Gigabyte clearly advertises this board as an overclocking board and it is indeed a great overclocker for the price.
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