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Default To xFire? or not to xFire?

Hey fellas, i need some insight and guidance

What are the rule of thumbs when deciding to xFire GPU cards?

A More specific question: Are the 4000 series of ATI cards compatible to xfire with the 5000 series? Namely the 4770 and the 5770

I have a 4770 in my rig at the moment and i like it and all, but ive got my hands on a 5770 card, now while i would like to just plug to two together and see how that rolls ive never actually xfire'd cards before..So what will i be looking at here? Can i do this? And if i can..Do i have to uninstall all the 4770 Drivers before i can install the 5770? Are these chipsets even compatible??

Thanks fellas, these questions are bugging me, ill look around and see if i can find some articles on xfiring ATI card.. Im an ATI GPU hardcore fan.
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