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My System Specs


Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
To OP....think thiers someone on our FS thread looking to ditch a GTX 260 Core 216 OC Edition at an extremely reasonable price, pair that up with your BFG and you'll be right up thier performancewise with a new ATI Card at a fraction of the price ;).....then 6 months from now sell em and go Fermi.....or just keep em for Folding :)
I don't have a BFG lol. I have a gigabyte 4870 512 with an accelero and 2 120 fans on it. It's cooler and quieter than stock by a fair margin.

Originally Posted by Kovok View Post
Just get an Athlon X4 620 and call it a day. It's a $100 quad core. Can't really go wrong there.
I was thinking 2 cores are good enough for gaming and it's cheaper.

Originally Posted by Raserei408 View Post
Actually, cores unlocked or not, a PII 550 BE will do better in games than an AII x4.
I was thinking that.

I already have the Coolermaster 212+ heatsink as per my first post in the thread. Anyone have recommendations for memory?
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