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My System Specs

Default This is a head scratcher.

XP Pro, 32bit

I'm getting a BSOD loop on boot. The BSOD is a generic error and just gives a couple of memory adresses and says a driver might be bad or the drive full. The Bootlog doesn't log a single thing. I could boot into Safe Mode but then I tried a repair install, which of course gets the same BSOD and I'm now shut out of safe mode. I've done a ram test, I've disconnected everything non-essential and tried 3 different video cards, but it just won't boot. I did a scandisk when I could get into safe mode and the primary drive was fine. The owner has already decided to do a fresh install of Win7 but I'd like to get this up and running while the new OS comes in from NCIX.

Asus P5KC
2x1GB DDR2
250G WD Sata
Asus 5850 (also tried HD3870, HD4350)
550W Enermax PSU, rails seemed OK
All's well that's Haswell
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