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Originally Posted by Alphamon View Post
@Raserei408 - I don't know much about ATI cards, are they reliable? I have always been with Nvidia, but again I am open to any suggestions.
Yeah, ATI cards are perfectly fine. I was an Nvidia fanboy until recently (though I've only been in computers for about a year and a half, I was a fanboy for about a year), but getting a GT200 at this point just seems silly. Either wait out Fermi or get the 5 series now. My personal opinion. As Mark said though, if you're a Folder, you'll want to go with Nvidia because the current ATI folder sucks.

However, if you've got a decent GPU you can carry over for a few months to the new rig (until Fermi comes out) I'd actually recommend doing that; it gives you the option to compare ATI's cards to Fermi, and even if you decide against it, large price drops are expected by ATI once Fermi releases, so you might even be able to get a 5850 (or at least a 5770 for less).

Also, if you're going X58, you need to do dual GPUs (not necessarily right now, but at some point). The power is totally wasted in games, since you'll hit a GPU bottleneck long before you use the CPU.
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