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My System Specs


Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
Zero, I owe you a beer next time I'm in Montreal.
curiously, would I have had such problems in a VM anyways? from what I'm reading on here VMs look like an easy way to significantly boost PPD, so I might try it out sometime...

Using a VM wouldn't really be any easier, and you'd end up with more resource usage and less system responsiveness. VMs were a way to boost PPD before the A3 core was made public, but now they're just about obsolete unless you have 8 available cores or more that you can run -bigadv workunits on.
Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
but not yet! and I have another (noobish?) question! (as I search for the answer via other forums..)

I'm having a dual core crunch numbers, and it's downloaded the A1 client I noticed, but it's running 4 of them, not 2 as I would think would be the correct amount to run. Is this correct or did I make a configuration mistake somewhere?

thanks again in advance.
A1 workunits spawn four core processes regardless of how many CPUs the system has. That's perfectly normal behaviour. The A3 core is natively multithreaded, so a single process will take advantage of all your cores.
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