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Originally Posted by Raserei408 View Post
I think the Spinpoint F3 is faster than the Caviar black, and you can probably find it cheaper too. The Caviar Blacks seem to be a little pricier than competing drives.
funny boy..... the Black Western Digital are warranty 5 years I said 5 years... not 3 years like the spin points. And we all know how it's hard to have RMA with Samsung in Canada

to the OP : use a WD , I have also a twelve hundred... a little tight at the back for the cable management, but a great case. with adjustable fan and nice blue led , will be perfect for your hot 130 watts I7-920

You don't say if you gone fold...if so your 260 gtx will give you over 8200 ppd with few OC... an AtI....around 3000 PPD , and you will not a Bigadv with it, it will eat 20-25 % of your cpu usage.
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