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My System Specs


(I am not an early adopter kinda guy)
Good! Your not alone!

option B because it kills A

And +1 to Kovok.

My 2 cents now:

If you want to play game, only game and want a cheap upgrade but that will last, the phenom II x3 is still a really good bang for the buck. I got one right now and it play every game smooth, on full details (Yes I got a 1680 X 1050 and a 4830, witch we will agree is not a powerful videocard!).

There is not need for the quad core in game, 2 good core will do the job and you could easily go with the phenom II x2 550 and maybe lucky in unlocking core witch offer great value too.

On the other hand, you could go with and intel platform if you really want the quad core. At this price point Intel go it all the way. Below 4 core, personally you will pay for an IGP that you won't use... I personally don't like the idea to pay for something that you won't use.

Right now, CPU doesn't made anymore the total as it was before for game, now it is primary the graphic card that does it all. I see athlon II quad core running on a 5770 and it run fine. Yes you won't have all the punch that Intel have, but you will pay less for it.

It's all about need, and budget. Some prefer to have the reactivity of an Intel on a daily basis.Some other prefer to put the money on the part they really need to got the perfect result.

TO help you made your choice you could have a look here:,2520-2.html
it is not perfect but give a good idea!
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