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My thoughts. There are my PERSONAL thoughts...not professional observations:

Aside from Folders, the appeal of this board will be limited due to the frankly idiotic placement of the PCI-E 1x slot. The PCI-E 1x slot is placed there due some absolutely misguided copy-cat effect where it seems companies suddenly think every high end boards needs a plethora of PCI-E slots even though neither SLI nor Crossfire scales above 4 GPUs. Instead, they use a hot-running, power-sucking, performance-robbing NF200 chip just to make sure folders get a hard-on and maybe buy their board.

IMO, this type of layout has no place on a consumer-oriented motherboard. ASUS has it right: keep this stuff for your workstation-class boards.

All I can say is thank God they kicked Lucid to the curb when it came to the X58 iteration of Big Bang.

My main frustration is that we are finally seeing some new X58 baords come out and the best thing they can claim to have is more PCI-E slots. Seriously, this is all the engineers can come up with? To copy EVGA and to a greater extent ASUS? Give me some innovation like EVGA did with their new digital PWM circuitry or Gigabyte / ASUS did with SATA III / USB 3.0 implementaion or ASUS did with that brilliant SATA III add-in card. All we are seeing here is a case of PCI-E slot envy run amok.

And yes, I know that a PCI-E 1x cards will work in a 16x slot...
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