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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Gingerbee is coming at it from a performance POV. It really all depends on what your budget can afford. IF you can afford two 60GB Agility's in RAID 0, get a 120 Vertex now. Money well spent. It will fast, powerful and certainly money well spent.
No RAID for me man. Where did you get the idea that I wanted a RAID configuration?

IF you want to save some money and only want to get one SSD, go for the Agility. Both will certainly seem a heck of a lot faster than a VRaptor! BUT the Vertex is more "peppy" than an Agility. Where you obviously want SPEED and power (as you own a VRaptor and most peeps looking for best bang for your buck didnt go for 10k raptors) the Vertex is a better fit, but like I said ONLY if you can drop the coin on the Vertex. ;)
I can man, but in a way I'm kind of growing up here. I can't make those rash decisions like I did years back when the VRaptor was the performance hard drive to get. I can get the Intel 160GB SSD if I want. It's just I want to make practical and realistic decisions here. In Q4 2010, the SSDs will get cheaper. I see this as a temporary solution as I want to move this SSD to my laptop and get a better SSD in Q4 when things get cheaper and more choice becoming available.
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