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Gingerbee is coming at it from a performance POV. It really all depends on what your budget can afford. IF you can afford two 60GB Agility's in RAID 0, get a 120 Vertex now. It will be faster, and more powerful than Raptor OR the Agility and certainly will be money well spent.

IF you want to save some money and only want to get one SSD, go for the Agility. Both will certainly seem a heck of a lot faster than a VRaptor! BUT the Vertex is more "peppy" than an Agility.

TBH where you obviously want SPEED and power (as you own a VRaptor and most peeps looking for best bang for your buck didnt go for 10k raptors) the Vertex is a better fit, but like I said ONLY if you can drop the coin on the Vertex. ;)
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