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Originally Posted by Realityshift View Post
Very well said AKG. Ive had my Vertex 60g for about a week now, and im in love, never thought a simple hard drive change would make such a difference on day to day tasks. Havent done any benchmarking yet, havent had time, but cold boots take about 25s to fully reactive windows desktop, minimizing speeds are much faster, waking my pc from sleep is no longer a chore. Great drive, I highly recommend it :)

On price note, thats a pretty sleek price NCIX is asking, but Im pretty sure I saw the 60g Vertex Barefoot edtion on for the same price as the normal vertex, Id go for that personally although I have to say I havent done a whole lot of research into the barefoots.

Thanks RealityShift. Glad you like your SSD. Really is a great performance booster aint it! :)

The Barefoot is what Indilinx call their controller (it is going to be replaced with the JetStream controller this year). Some place add it in to be specific. There is a good chance that the "ECO" variation of the Barefoot is the short term "replacement" for the "Barefoot" branded ones, as the Eco variation can support 34NM Nand. That is my theory, but I'm not cracking open a new Vertex w/ 1.42 firmware to see the controller numbers! :)~

IF you get a Vertex w/ "1.4.2" on uses the newer full speed 34nm NAND. Nice little bonus ;)
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