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The OCZ Agility is basically the same as the GSkill Falcon2 (though a more fair comparison MAY be between the Solid 2 from OCZ and Gskill Falcon 2). In real world uses you will see a 10 -15% hit in performance from the Agility vs the Vertex.

The Agility Ex and Vertex Ex are SLC drives. Much faster with about 10x the life span (100k cell writes vs 10k).

The "LE" versions are limited editions and are rumoured to be Sandforce controller based and not Indilinx. IF so they will have much more potential BUT have a very immature firmware. Either way they are MLC drives.

Where you plan on RAIDing the OCZ line is definitely the way to go for right now. You will want 1.4.1 ITGC firmware as RAID + TRIM doesnt work. Firmware 1.5 is supposed to have both ITGC and TRIM so in the near future you MAY be able to get one of the other mfg'ers version of the Indilinx drives and get the best of both worlds...but for right now OCZ is your best option for RAIDing.

Are you sure you want to RAID them? I always recommend trying one out and seeing if it is fast enough and only if it is not then going raid. You will not get double the performance and in some setups see no increase (maybe even a decrease) in "speed". IMHO get the best drive you can afford NOW and later get a second one if its not good enough. The 120Gb version ARE faster than the 60s so one 120gb now will provide you will not only more options...but also speed. YMMV ;)

If you hit the "price" button at the top near "techwiki" and "store" you can search for the lowest prices. Select the drive you want, it will show the current prices, and next to it will have a "history" tab. Click there and you will how cheap they were (sans MIR) over the past year:

here is the 60gb ocz pricehistory:
OCZ - OCZ (OCZSSD2-1VTX60G) Vertex Series SATA II 2.5″ 60GB Solid State Disk - OCZSSD21VTX60G - Powered by
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