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Originally Posted by Lyle Chipperson View Post
How cheap is a decent fan? You'd have to assume that overvolting a fan is at the very least going to burn it out quickly, assuming it doesn't cause a fire or something horrific. How many do you need? I'm sure people with more experience than I could suggest some quality brands. Scythe are apparently very good, but some of their stuff is more centered around quiet airflow. If you're using a stock fan though, this would probably be a very good upgrade, or check out Noctua.

More suggestions are probably necessary, but just think that overvolting things that are meant to be overvolted can kill their life. I imagine that a cheap fan wouldn't last long if it lasted at all (note: fire).
im getting the odd feeling that people here thinks its a bad idea... perhaps my fans are fine the way they are... lmao
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