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Default OCZ Vertex 60GB or OCZ Agility 60GB?

I'm now thinking just picking up the OCZ drive for about $80 more. It'll just write faster and I won't have any reason to bitch and moan about its performance. I'm just going to use it strictly as a boot and application drive. I will use my 2x2TB setup in RAID 1 configuration for storage.

My question here is which of the two 60GB drives will give me better bang for the buck? Since both SSDs are much faster than my current 150GB Velociraptor, I don't think I'll lose out much if one is 10MB/sec slower than the other. Which one should I go for?

Also, what's with the EX and LE labelling? Man, I'm so confused here. Is the Vertex EX faster than the regular Vertex drive?
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