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Couple changes I'd make:
I think the Spinpoint F3 is faster than the Caviar black, and you can probably find it cheaper too. The Caviar Blacks seem to be a little pricier than competing drives.

I wouldn't go with a GT200 card; outdated hardware. Go with a 5770 (though a 5850 or two is more fitting to the performance of the CPU). If you're set on Nvidia, I'd say wait it out until Fermi.

I'm generally not a big fan of Antec, so I'd say go with the Corsair TX750 if you go for a 5770 (or HX850 if you can afford it if you go for a 5850 or Fermi; a 750W is more than enough for a 5850, but might as well give yourself some headroom in case you do two or three GPUs).
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