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My System Specs

Default Good Ram and lots of it

Vidio and photo rendering require good ram and if I were to sugest an upgrade to your sysstem it would be anuther set of 6 GB ram. The otther thing is a good Heatsink when you are doing vidio rendering it eats boath CPU and Ram. I am lisening to streem of music and have two other windows open and am using 1.89 GB of RAM of 6 GB that I have. You will need a 64 Bit Operating System VISTA ir WIN 7 to utalise more than 4 GB of RAM in OS. I have an EVGA X58 SLI and in some aplications and benches i will have all the ram comitted with very litte free.

More Ram = More WIndows Open and running at the same time

EDIT : Anouther 12 GB would hard to bet stable( and extreem ) in you would have to buy 24 GB kit or fiddile in bios

12 should be good :)

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