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Default Case is in!

Woot, got my case and some sleving done, although, I plan on re-sleeving it all when my MDPC-X sleeve gets here. I mostly just practised with some TechFlex stuff, although, it looks good enough that I wouldn't need to redo it, but I want this build to be the best of my ability.

So this box came from UPS, and I must say, it is in one piece. Also, I did get stuck with a customes fee, which I think is because it didnt need to go into the USA twice... However, even after doing a North American tour, twice, it arived in good condition

I decided to sleeve the USB/ audio/ whatever it is called thing for my first go - didn't quite finish though

AFter I got the idea of sleeving, I proceeded to do my PSU, started with my two 4+4pin EPS cables. I must say, I think I did a good job (note: the heatshrink is the same length, it is just they way that the picture was taken that it look longer on the cable to the right):

Ripped that TJ07 apart, took all of the parts to the local powder coater, and have the side panel ready for me to cut for a window

More to come when it gets back
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