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My System Specs


Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
win 7, no VM (yet?)
You don't need to use a VM. You will have to use a priority-changing program though if you want to run both the CPU and GPU client simultaneously.

First, follow the instructions in this thread to reduce the CPU usage of your GPU client: GUIDE: ATI Client - Lower CPU % + Raise PPD - [H]ard|Forum

Set the FLUSH_INTERVAL to 128 since you have a 4890. Also, you don't have to use the 9.4 drivers specifically; anything newer will work as well.

Next, download and install Bill2's Process Manager. Configure the program to run on startup by going into Options>Main>Automatically start with Windows (you'll probably want to check off the "Start minimized in the system tray" option as well). Run both the CPU and GPU F@H clients. You should see Fahcore_11.exe and either Fahcore_a3.exe or four instances of Fahcore_a1.exe both listed in the main Bill2's window. If not, check off the "Show hidden processes" box at the top.

Right-click on Fahcore_a3.exe or one of the Fahcore_a1.exe instances, and select "Create a rule for this process". A window will pop up giving you options. Uncheck the "Use full path" box. In both the "Normal window" and "Minimized window or hidden process" tabs, check off the "Set priority" box and pick the "Idle" radio button. Click Ok.

Now, you are running an A1 or A3 core workunit, but at some point you will most likely receive one using whichever core you aren't running right now. When that happens, open Bill2's and do the same thing for that process as well.
Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Fahmon is fine. Fahspy too, same for
Fahmon's usefulness has recently become significantly diminished since it does not calculate bonus points with the A3 and A2 -bigadv workunits. FahSpy and HFM.NET both do.
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