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My System Specs


What operating system are you folding with?
On XP I have been using the affinities to seperate the cpu folding from the gpu folding. Set priorities for GPU at one level higher the then the cpu processes.
If using VMware or Linux with Freds diskless setup you can add a couple of lines to your virtual machine's VMX file and add the following lines make each VM use only specific cores.
As an example:

First vm add these lines to the vmx file

processor0.use = "TRUE"
processor1.use = "TRUE"
processor2.use = "FALSE"
processor3.use = "FALSE"

Second vm add

processor0.use = "FALSE"
processor1.use = "FALSE"
processor2.use = "TRUE"
processor3.use = "FALSE"

Then use your favorite affinity program like prifinitty2 to force the gpu to use your final core.

Hope it helps.
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