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Default A little assistance for a semi-noob, please!

it's been a while since I folded (or at least set up a rig to fold properly..) last, and with such active competiton on these here boards I couldn't help but try and dive into some folding. Searching through the forums has deemed useless, but maybe I'm not searching for the right keyword.. anyhow.

I've never used the enhanced or GPU clients before, and I'm trying to set up both (enhanced SMP and GPU clients) to run simultaneously on my main rig. The problem is I don't believe they like running together at the same time. the CPU client takes anywhere from 30 mins - 1 hour to fold 1% (big workunits) when the GPU client is running, about 7 minutes elsewise. Should I be tying down affinities to specific CPU cores? or not even trying to run both at the same time and just sticking to one or the other?

-smp flag is used (not -advmethods though) big workunits set in the config. A3 core.

thanks for any help! anddd... WOOT!

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