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My System Specs


First have a look at this:

Everything You Need to Know About The Motherboard Voltage Regulator Circuit | Hardware Secrets

Voltage regulator all explained! Will be good for better understanding.

the black flat thingies (2 metals on one side and 1 on other
These are the mosfet

including the gray cube things beside the cpu socket
These are the Ferrite choke

And you forgot one
The capacitor, the little ''tube'' near your choke.

All of those 3 made your voltage regulator.

what do you guys think of mx-2 between the mosfets and a heatsink?
BAD IDEA!!! The mx-2 contain silver witch is conductive!
Went dealing with mosfet the best idea is to use a thermal pad witch is non-conductive (the thermal pad will take the form of the mosfet)

Or use these:
Enzotech MOS-C1

Available at your favourite hardware store!
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