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My System Specs

Default Temperature for voltage regulators/mosfets?

Hey guys, I was wondering what the safe operating temperatures for gpu and mobo black block thingies are. I'm referring to quite a few of them, including the gray cube things beside the cpu socket, the black flat thingies (2 metals on one side and 1 on other, and digital versions with many pins sticking out all 4 sides)

For example, on the back of the mobo's pcb under the voltage regs, I get 55*C under load and I'm guessing their actual temperature would be around 60-65, would that be 'safe' for stable 24/7 use? I believe they are the 'digital' version though I may be wrong... they look like flat black chips with lots of metal pins sticking out in all 4 directions.

And while I'm at it, what do you guys think of mx-2 between the mosfets and a heatsink? Would it cause any shorts? The heatsink on my mobo is connected by a single heatpipe and the stock stuff above the mosfets looked like oily nead eraser, if I replace it with a thin layer of mx-2 will it make proper contact? Secured by push pins Thanks
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