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First thanks for the welcome to the board MarkOne.

Hi rfielder; I'm Hoping I don't have any bad encounters with this setup. Thats why I was just asking what other have done with a setup like this.
The BIOS set the RAM Timing all right at 9-9-9-24 but the RAM Volts should be 1.5v and its running about 1.546v-1.559v on Auto. So I hope thats okay.

I had to set the Front Panel to AC97, because the dam wire wouldn't reach for the HD Audio. no biggie. Oh ther is one other thing, and if anyone knows this board you should know what I am talking about when I say. The Post State LEDs that check key components on MB Boot, and if any error is found the light stays on. Well I have 1 LED that stays on, its the OV RAM Switch above the RAM sticks. So I guess its set to OV and maybe thats why the RAMv are fluxuating. {Now can I switch it to Default} while the PC is running or do I need to turn off the PC berore switching it off.
This is my 3rd build now. So one would think I should know what I am doing. Well I do kinda LOL. There is just a lot more OC settings on this board then the A8N-E I setup the first time around haha. But like MarkOne said if it anit brok don't fix it. So I will see after I instal Windows 7 how it takes the hit...

Thats brings me to more questions, Instaling Win 7
Any pointers on that would be nice. So far I have done a lot of reading up on how to install it, so I think it should go okay. One thing I am not to sure about is.
1> Setting up an Partition for the OS.
2>And because I am doing a clean instal there is no Firewall or Anti Virus on the system yet.
Do I instal Win 7 unplug from the Net or should I have it connected for the install.

Thanks to any answers you may have for me on this.

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