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My System Specs


Originally Posted by odis172 View Post
Besides folding what could one possibly use this for at home?
From a performance perspective, this is basically not entirely dissimilar to an i7 setup, only this has eight physical cores, whereas an i7 would have 8 logical cores. So on CPU-bound tasks like encoding (or folding), this would outperform an i7 clock-for-clock.

For gaming, it is not necessarily an improvement of any sort since most games can't use four cores, let alone eight. But for a multi-socket board, this has good graphics bandwidth thanks to the nf680a chipset - which is why I think it's more comparable to an i7 rig than to other server-class dual-socket systems.

So if I can get it for the price I think I can, it could be a reasonable facsimile of an i7 at basically a third the cost.
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