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If it's just a work laptop, I personally would buy the cheapest used Dell Latitude with a matte screen I could find than spend $600 on something new. (It shouldn't cost more than $200 for an old D510) If he's looking at spending $600 on a laptop, money is obviously an issue and he'd be better off getting something older and hopefully well made, because it will eventually be sat on, dropped or stolen if it lives in a vehicle much of the time. A $200 laptop cracking under a fat ass is a lot better than a $600 laptop cracking under a fat ass.

Originally Posted by Rison View Post
A friend of mine asked me to recommend a laptop for his side business. The short story is, he installs pools and will be in his vehicle / out in the sun (etc) and needs something with a matte screen, or anti-glare.

I have done a few quick searches on ncix and found a few on dell, but wondering if you guys would recommend another brand, local to canada for under $1000. Even though he's asking for something specific, he sees the cheap laptops at Futureshop and thinks he can get one with a matte screen for $600..

Needed specs:
- 13"-15" matte screen
- Intel dual-core 2.0Ghz+
- Min 3Gb ram (not huge, can upgrade typically)
- needs dvd burner
- Relatively thin/light (once again, asking for the world)

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