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My System Specs


The reason I need a G70 7800 card is because on the later ones changing to the G71(making it basically a 7900 unless I am mistaken) also required them to change the ROM for the card as well. Making a ROM for the G70 play nice with a G71 would be a significant amount of work and could quite easily result in a pile of fried cards while testing it. Well, that and possibly a pile of EEPROMs that traditional gfx card flashers might refuse to flash in a PC because of buggered up ROM..
Those could probably be dealt with using a separate flashy/programmy device that the name of eludes me at the moment though.

Also, I fully intend to stay as far away from 5200 and 6200 cards as possible. To be quite honest I can use some 6600 cards as well but as with the 6800, I am just not sure if I should bother if I could potentially get my hands on a 7800.

Will keep that 7800 at future shop in mind if I cannot find a different one with more information available though. After all, if I cannot use it in my Mac I can always just return it, sell it or toss it in a PC or something.
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