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Default Is there any sort of Hard drive storage unit out there?

I have a bunch of old IDE and SATA hard drives (2.5" and 3.5")
All together, I have approximately 15 internal harddrives I use for storage purposes.

I'm somewhat abnormally organized about anything that is computer related.
(For example: All the 15 harddrives are labeled for specific content and hold content that falls only
under the label category, except for programs nothing is on my OS/Program harddrive; I save
everything on external harddrives, I never have any icons on my desktop, I store my mice after use
in my desk, etc.)

Thus, I was wondering if you guys have ever seen a hard drive storage unit for multiple drives
or something that can substitute for a hard drive storage unit.
I'm currently using a makeshift cardboard box with dividers I made from another cardboard box.
Firstly, it looks damn fugly, secondly it does the trick but I need something actually designed
and compartmentalized for my harddrive storing needs.
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