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Glad you like the grill revision

The Obsidian allows a 360 size radiator installation without any modification, but what fun is that? I just happen to have a new Hardware lab's Black Ice 420 GTX (3x 140mm) Radiator here. I'm altering the top panel of the Obsidian to accommodate it! The wider 420 rad requires surgery to the 5.25 Optical drive bay. You remove the 5.25 bay by drilling out all of the pop rivets on the front of the Obsidian chassis.

Supplies & Tools I used for this "photo illustrated" installation

Mnpctech 420 Radiator Grill from performance-pcs used for measuring the location.
You can also use these Radiator Mounting Templates
Masking Tape
Any Rotary tool like a Dremel
Jigsaw with 18 TPI or higher metal cutting blade
Center punch
Power Drill with 3/16" drill bit
12" Measuring Square
12x M4 x 35mm size socket head machine screws length of mounting screws on what fan/rad set-up works best for your system.
3x ??????? brand 140mm cooling fans (to be announced)

more to come!
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