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My System Specs

Default WTB: GeForce 7800GS or 6800GT AGP card & PCI SATA card

As the title says I am looking for the following items.

Geforce 7800GS (BFG, eVGA, etc)
This sucker must be a GS (because I need AGP).
Also, another thing. It must have a G70 GPU. Look on the back for the BIOS sticker, if it is 5.70.xx.whatever it has a G70. If it is 5.71.xx.whatever it has a G71 and is of no use to me.
Be good if it was a reference design board as well.. like this GS here

I guess I should be able to use reference design 6800GS/GT as well but I would prefer 7800GS.
Could probably get away with a FireGL X3 or something but again, I would very much prefer a 7800GS in this case.

I know the 7800 is getting pretty old but my mobo is old and I guess I am just hoping that someone has one kicking around and not in use somewhere or something. I did see one or two on NCIX a while ago but I hesitate to buy certain items unless I can get certain information about them and they seemed to be gone when I checked yesterday.

Anyway, moving on.

The other thing I am seeking is a PCI SATA card.
I am looking for one with a Silicon Image 3124 chipset. There are other usable chipsets but this is probably more common.
It has to have at least one internal connector.
Now, there are some of these on NCIX but I am mentioning it here just to keep my options open.

Keep in mind that I am still going to keep an eye open at local PC shops so if you end up all hyped up that someone actually wants some of your old junk don't be too disappointed if I end up buying local instead of from you. Also, don't be surprised if I ask for a picture or two to ensure that the item is actually what I am looking for and is in decent condition as well as to ensure that you actually have it.
Aside from that please don't tell me to go look on ebay, I am not very fond of it and the site is often pretty brutal on dialup. However, I think I would possibly be open to online Canadian stores so long as I can verify chipset information and such.

*Edit 2008.02.09
Updated thread title.
Cleaned up post.

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