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My System Specs


The last config of the Mac that served as my primary desktop system followed by my Mac from early 2005 and then a low end Mac from 1994.(yes, I know I was using ancient hardware until early 2008 <_< >_> )
I cannot find any decent pictures of the two boards I had between the top two. But not much changed really so it is no big deal. I also have no pictures of the system that was purchased in Jan 2001.

Click thumbnail = make big.

PowerMac G4 Digital Audio motherboard
1GHz PowerPC 7455 256k L2, 2MB L3
1GB PC133 168pin SDRAM
64MB DDR Radeon 7000 & 16MB Rage 128 Pro(I was running dual displays for a while)
250GB Seagate 7200.10 & 80GB Western Digital Caviar
Pioneer DVR-112D & 52x Creative CD-ROM
Antec Neopower 650 blue

PowerMac G3 Blue&White motherboard
300Mhz PowerPC 750 1MB L2
512MB(?) PC100 168pin SDRAM
64MB DDR Radeon 7000
120GB Samsung SP1213N
Toshiba SD-R13 & Matsushita CR-589-B
Generic cheap shitty random PSU

Macintosh LC 575
33MHz Motorola 68LC040
36MB (4MB onboard & 32MB 72pin SIMM)
160MB 50pin SCSI HDD (I tossed a bigger one in for a few years but it got swapped back out eventually)
2x Apple CD 300 Plus
1.4MB Floppy drive

You cannot really see it in this pic but it is super dusty and spider-webby. >_>

Pops right out. :)

Sony Trinitron! (in a low end model even :P )

Accessing the front bays. Yes, that floppy drive has it's data and power along the same cable and it is also less pins than a regular PC floppy cable.
Optical drive is SCSI just like the HDD.
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