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Default Raid 0 - can't see other drives

Setup see specs

I have raid 0 set up (windows 7)with two of the HDD's thu the on board controller. My third drive has the data that i would like on the raid 0 array. I need to set the SATA config as RAID to get the raid drives to work. but when i enter windows i can not see the third drive plugged in - the forth one that has the os that i am currently using is unplugged to minimize complications. During boot up at the raid screen it shows a green healthy array raid 0 array, and a red unusable damaged array?... which is that third drive. The motherboard sets that third drive in raid cuz i guess i set it in raid. but wouldn't it be logical that you cqan have a raid array and another nonRAIDed hard drive installed? when i set the sata config in ide mode the third and forth dirves can be seen...but i also unplug the raid drives.

I am wondering what i need to do in order to be able to see the otyher drives wille booted up in my raid 0 array.

Thanks Guys
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