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Originally Posted by Oversized Rooster View Post
My family has 2 houses therefore we have 10 machines in total - 7 desktops and 3 laptops. My main machine has always been Intel and still is but basically for all other desktops I usually prefer AMD.

I put quad core CPUs in most of them to facilitate folding. :) I lead my university's research team. The team has almost 300 members but my machines single-handidly account for about 68% of daily "output."
No wonder you are oversized
That is crazy, being the equivalent of about 200 members.

Originally Posted by lsquare View Post
Nice system and I'm currently thinking of building something similar since AMD is quite price competitive with Intel. Is the Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P the best value board at the moment? I'm looking for a crossfire capable board for overclocking either a AMD Athlon II X4 630 or AMD Phenom II 955 BE. I'll decide on the CPU once I know what my exact budget is.
I'm not sure if its the best value board at the moment, I haven't really shopped for one for some time, but its a good board. However, in your case, I would surely go with AM3(you can get the AM3 version of this mobo). What do you plan to do with that computer ?

I also have(not exactly mine):

Phenom X3 8600
Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H
2x2gb Mushkin RAM
7200.11 500gb HDD (I know, I know)
Some Samsung DVD drive
Corsair 650TX (I know, its WAY overkill, but I won it and until I need it elsewhere, its better there than sitting on the floor)
All that into an Antec VSK2000 (I must say it looks pretty good even tho the side panels sure feel cheap when you build it, but what can you expect from a sub 40$ case ?)
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