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Oh this is going to be lovely. Hopefully NV bites the bullet and maybe, just maybe doesn't decide to raise prices on Fermi. Seems to be a solid performer but I don't want a single GF104 of w/e reaching a price point approaching that of a 5970. If they make a dual GF-104 I'd pay as much as a 5970 for that though.

I've been in the computer hardware "scene" so to speak for a relatively short time, and in this time it doesn't take much to know that Rambus ought to be firebombed out of existence. They've been doing this stuff for awhile, I can't believe this lawsuit from back in '08 actually stuck. Their RAM was shitty P4 crap with high costs and low performance. They just can't bite the dust. If anything I hope they manage to use the revenue from the lawsuit to develop something truly groundbreaking. Hahahaha, what a pipe-dream.
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