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Nice guide, but I have some questions to ask.

Which Blu-Ray reader are you using at the moment? I'm looking at the Liteon SATA drive at NCIX which is selling for $72. I'm thinking of picking that one up.

I just quickly read your guide and unless I'm mistaken, you're transcoding the audio tracks (i.e. Dolby True HD) to FLAC? May I ask why you're doing this? Wouldn't you want to rip the original video and audio streams and mux it into the MKV container? The only logical reason that I can see to your approach is to avoid the whole decoding problem by converting it to FLAC so that the receiver can easily decode the stream since the PC will just decode the FLAC stream in software. However, will FLAC support the 7.1 audio streams that exist in some BD discs?

If I'm wrong in any of my assessments, then please let me know. I'm trying to improve my understanding of this process so that I too can backup my Blu-Ray collection too.
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