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3 beeps is supposed to be memory.

If the board cannot access memory, it's not going to be able to do a bios flash. Normally memory problems require a cmos reset, while processor OC problems will cause a board to return to default bios settings on its own.

Just to be sure.....

Did you do the cmos reset rather than recovery? (Power off, jumper off of pins 1+2, over to pins 2+3, wait 30 sec, back to pins 1+2).

Have you tried booting just one stick of memory in each of the different slots? (try this with each stick of mem just in case one of them is bad).

If you can easily get your hands on an old PCI vid card it wouldn't hurt to try. (I haven't personally seen this as a snag with a PCIe setup, but it used to be common with AGP that it would require a PCI vid card to reset the agp slot settings).

If all else fails you can try to do a long cmos reset. (Sometimes the caps on a mobo keep bios information alive for quite some time and the only way to clear it is to completely drain the system).

Unplug the power cord, press the power-on button to drain the caps, remove the battery, move the jumpers from 1+2 over to 2+3, and then leave it like that for 12-24 hours, return the jumpers to 1+2, re-install the battery & try to power it up.

If this doesn't work you're getting to the point where you're beating a dead horse. You're either going to have to get the board replaced, or get a replacement bios. (If you decide to go that route I can find you some links for bios replacements).

edit.... heh, I guess I took too long to type this one up. :)
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