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My System Specs


Originally Posted by impruv View Post
Hmm, based on most reviews... adding a 2nd fan for a push/pull to the 212+ reduces temps by around 4. I'll be generous and say i'll get 2 degree reduction.
As well, based on what I have gathered by the IC7, again I'll be generous and say I'll get a 2 degree reduction.
I'm running 27-28 degree idle and if you take the -4 reduction I'll get by these updates, my cpu will be running exactly at room temperature or 1 degree below it... that doesn't sound realistic lol.
Whatever idle temperature readings you're getting are almost certainly inaccurate. Also, ambient temperature is basically an asymptote for the temperature of anything within that area, so although you can get close to it, you will never reach it without some form of sub-ambient cooling.
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