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Originally Posted by mattlef View Post
I understand that the 5830 and 5890 will not be refreshes and could launch as soon as feb 5th (5830)

However, would it be fair to assume that the "refreshes" listed (5860, etc...) could be 3/4Q 2010 using 28nm process?

Anything is possible. However, I expect AMD to take the safe and smart route as they have done in the past. Basically, test out the manufacturing process on a mid-tier GPU before making the jump with a new architecture. They did this with the HD 4770 + 40nm which proved to be a good proving ground.

You can't put all your eggs in one basket and AMD knows that. Imagine using an immature 28nm manufacturing process for an entire line of new GPUs without testing the process first. That would be a recipe for disaster IMO. AMD is MUCH smarter than that.
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