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More info here: ATI?s New-Generation Graphics Processors on Track for the Second Half of 2010 ? AMD?s CEO - X-bit labs

I don't doubt the potential of a refresh, however I don't think they will replace the entire line, ESPECIALLY not basing it on the 28nm process. I suspect it will be more likely we will see a few improvements and the introduction of something like the HD 4890"
As noted here TSMC has said they will start focusing on 28nm near the end of this year and I can't forsee yields and processing to be refined enough to completely restructure it on such fresh technology.

A 32nm half-node step would be far easier to jump to from 40nm and pose far less risk and no major redesigns. A full node jump would seem far more likely for an entirely new product line.
With AMD pushing their GlobalFoundries fabs to become a major ATI chip producer, and GF has yet to announce 32nm officially launched/complete (though expected in a few months) sounds like decent timing for a refresh.

But I have been wrong a time or two :P

And to counter those who say 28nm in Q1? what
SemiAccurate :: Global Foundries 28nm wafer spotted
I saw this..... I also see this: by Charlie Demerjian
I rest my case

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