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Originally Posted by slay3r View Post
Nice review!

How is stability? Does it ever get "stuck" or need to reboot them frequently?
No, only a few issues with the O!Play I've run into (same with the Patriot of course) where depending on how it's encoded it might skip a tad. It also doesn't like scanning through 1080P WMVs :). Don't have to reboot ever, either.
Will these unit will have infinitly codec update?
I mean, if divx come out with new codec version, will it support the newest format?
I have an old divx player, that now have trouble to play some divx...
They will be updated as they come out but really these formats will probably last at least 5 years if not more.

Can any of these units be able to stream live tv from my HD-PVR and/or SageTv server?
Should be ok depending on the format. if its straight up MP4 then yeah, no problem there.
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