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Default HeatKiller 3.0 Mounting?

Read through the instruction on my HeatKiller 3.0 LT (Went LT because I need the black look), and I decided that because I didn't understand the pictures I will google search it.

Turns out, I can not find how to install it, but there are many people saying you need to mount it carefully, or your motherboard wont post. (Due to the metal backplate touching the motherboard). Oh yeah, Im using the backplate just to let you know.

So anyways; How do I go about this? I have my HeatKiller 1156 and the 1156 backplate and have no idea what I am doing. Well, I do, but there are some fine details I just don't get. What is this "200N pressure"?

Can anyone explaine how they mounted theres?
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