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Default "HARDWARE CANUCKS" Custom Case by Mnpctech, aka Candy Coated Billet Beaver.

This is a project for the people that are members of this joint, YOU!

The canvas is the Corsair Obsidian 800 Case.

This will be another Insane Case Mod by

We ship to Canada!

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Here are some of Mnpctech's most popular case modding products!

Acoustical Sound Proofing Sheets for your PC

Mnpctech is now stocking clear and colored sheets of cast acrylic for window mods

Colored Acrylic Computer Case Mod Windows

This is the Honeycomb Modders Mesh we used.

PC Cable management clamps
PC Cable Clamps

U-channel molding, U-channel edge molding for PC Mod Window

Here is the 1/8" Aluminum Pop-Rivet we use for computer cases that we've dismantled for custom paint. Countersunk (Blind) for professional and clean look. Gripe range .092" - .125"

Pop Rivets For Computer Cases

You can get Black Pop Rivets from Mnpctech
Pop Rivets For Computer Cases

Copper Rivets

Pop Rivet Gun
Pop Rivet Guns

Ok, lets take a closer look at this Beast.

Hmmmm.... debating about the factory feet

Sorry, these factory feet MUST GO!.... more on that later

I just wanted to see how our rad grill looked on the Obsidian, thats all

Updated 1/02/10

We finished the HC logo inspired window frame today. This was made from 1/8" thick aluminum.

Update 1/03/10

We finished the custom HC logo 3x140mm rad grill last night.. each of the grill are 360 degree adjustable...just for fun, cause we can

The Obsidian feet were given fresh coat of HoK paint as well.

The plastic 5.25 bay Power / Reset Switch plate

The bezel is finished. I'm waiting for the sun to come back, so I can go outside and take photos of the paint.

The Hot Swappable bay

The 420 rad grill frame painted Candy Apple Red

Update March 10th

Installed 140mm Xigmatek XLF-F1455 140mm cooling fan (1000 RPM, 63.5 CFM @ 16 dBA) cooling fan and billet "Hardware Canucks" grill mounted on the Hot Swappable bay.

Ok, back to more seXay images...

To mount my Rad Grill / Case / Fan / Radiator sandwich, I use our M3 x 35mm length socket head stainless steel screws. These fit perfectly without the worry of piercing your radiator fins.

Yep, it's the Hardware Canucks logo window frame.

recalled we had bought frosted vinyl for another project window. This is the film resellers use for

Some photos I took before the case outdoors before it was shipped to HWC.

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