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Default Matte screen laptop

A friend of mine asked me to recommend a laptop for his side business. The short story is, he installs pools and will be in his vehicle / out in the sun (etc) and needs something with a matte screen, or anti-glare.

I have done a few quick searches on ncix and found a few on dell, but wondering if you guys would recommend another brand, local to canada for under $1000. Even though he's asking for something specific, he sees the cheap laptops at Futureshop and thinks he can get one with a matte screen for $600..

Needed specs:
- 13"-15" matte screen
- Intel dual-core 2.0Ghz+
- Min 3Gb ram (not huge, can upgrade typically)
- needs dvd burner
- Relatively thin/light (once again, asking for the world)


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