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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
You'll run into clearance problems against the PSU with the radiator pointed that way. The PA 120.3 is almost as wide as a PSU, so you'll only have about 3-4 cm space between the fittings and the PSU, in which you need to fit the barb AND turn the tubing. Also, if at all possible, you want the CPU block to be the first stop after the radiator, and the reservoir to lead right into the pump.
Hey, thanks for spotting that problem .

Originally Posted by MpG View Post
Here's a nice picture to look at.
Thanks, those should help when I'm setting it up!

Originally Posted by MpG View Post
Or something like this, maybe. Sorry for the mess, I did it freehand. The pump is behind the rad, and there's room for the PSU's cables to come out.
I'll probably place the res a little higher so it's the highest point in the loop, but that should work well.

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Damn MpG, you're right. I didn't see the clearance problem between the pump and the PSU. As for the loop, usually pump-rad-cpu is better, but the OP wanted as little tubing as possible. Speaking of tubing: The Swiftech 7/16", the Masterkleer 7/16" and the Danger Den 1/2" are all possible choices. The 7/16" is tighter against the barbs, more difficult to install but provides a better seal too.
Is it really worth the extra tubing to have the CPU first in the loop?

I'm leaning to the 7/16" tubing to prevent leaks. Thanks for the suggestions.
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