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My System Specs


First off, welcome! Second, I believe you did your homeworks. Here are my answers:

- of all the hardware, I have 2 comments: I would try to hold on as long as you can before buying the Quad and wait for the new CPUs that are around the corner; and I would keep both Raptors. Overkill? Yes. That's the point.

- SpotCools are great in a wc rig, since airflow is at a minimum. But why a couple of MX-7 paste tubes? For a new build, one tube is plenty.

- WC parts: no NB block? You should. Helps a lot in oc'ing. All your parts are great choices, no problem there. Your loop is fine too. I don't think you'll have any space left for the HDDs next to the rad; on my Lian-li, there is an adaptor that allows HDDs to be installed in the 5.25" bays. Maybe Silverstone has something similar too.

You will have one heck of a rig. Take your time while doing the assembly and enjoy it!
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